Meet our Clients: ManageAir

In this series of articles, we’re chatting with some of fanute linen rental services’ clients to find out more about their operations and why they switched to fanute as a service provider. In our second article we take a look at ManageAir, a company that manages short-term rental properties and offers clients a turnkey solution.

Managing a large portfolio of accommodation is a complex juggling act, with a near-constant turnover of rooms in busy seasons that demand that every element of housekeeping be perfectly in sync. An integral part of this process is the linen, which can be incredibly time-consuming, especially when dealing with large amounts of sheets and towels that all need to be washed, dried, ironed and folded before being re-used. If your laundry isn’t on-site, there’s collection and delivery to co-ordinate, and issues such as stained linen and incorrect deliveries can seriously impact the entire turnover process.


One company that’s experienced the juggling act first hand is ManageAir. Managing 180 Airbnb properties in Cape Town, with almost 400 beds under management, the company averages around 700-800 turnovers per month. ManageAir offers a turnkey solution for clients, from loading the property and launching it on various booking platforms to key handover, concierge service, cleaning, re-stocking consumables and maintenance.

Before switching to fanute linen rental services, the owner of ManageAir was handling the company’s linen needs himself at home as well as using a nearby laundromat. However, he found that it was near impossible scale his business with the laundry process becoming unmanageable as the company started to grow. Other pain points included laundry items getting mixed up, the laundromat being unaccountable for poor cleanliness of linen and the difficulty of planning daily linen needs.

Now, ManageAir’s calendar software is plugged into fanute’s order form, allowing for seamless linen transitions. “Using fanute linen rental allowed us to scale quickly. It took that aspect of the business off my mind so that I was able to focus on other areas needed for growth such as client acquisition and internal process development,” says the owner of ManageAir.

He says that what stands out to him about fanute’s business model and service is the company’s responsiveness, vision and accountability. “I am happy to pay for a service like fanute that delivers on its promises.”


Just as sustainability is a key factor in fanute’s operations, where a near-waterless laundry system is used to launder linen, it’s also important to the ManageAir team. “We are very strict about recycling all plastics, glass and paper. We are investing in an electric vehicle in March 2020 which we will use for transporting cleaning staff and linen around town.”

Sharing his advice for surviving and thriving in the busy holiday season, the owner of ManageAir says that they use the winter months to fine tune systems and keep costs in check. “My advice would be to remember that each guest is an individual they have their own story, from diverse backgrounds. Do what you can to make sure they know what to expect upon arrival and that their trip is unforgettable.”

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