Hydrofinity 36kg Extractor

Polymer Bead Washing Machine

Dramatically reduces water, energy, and chemical consumption


For decades, commercial laundry operations have been dependent on inefficient laundry technology that wastes money and resources. Now, the first real innovation in laundry technology in over 60 years is here: the Xeros polymer bead cleaning washing machine.

This revolutionary new commercial laundry system dramatically reduces water, energy, and chemical consumption compared to traditional washing machines by replacing water with beads as the active ingredient for removing soils and stains from fabrics providing superior cleaning results.

Important Equipment Features and Benefits

  • Patented polymer washing system
  • High speed extract
  • Large, easy-to-load drum
  • Easy-to-clean lint fi lter
  • Soft mount design
  • Powerful data capturing capabilities
  • HMI touch screen and customised software

Machine Specifications:

Capacity 36kg
Cylinder Size Ø99cm x 66cm
Cubic Content 508 Litres
Water Inlets (2) Ø3/4” BSPT
Drain 90mm O.D.
Drive System Inverter / Variable
Frequency Drive
High Extract Up to 750RPM
G-Force Up to 311G
Circuit Breaker 25A Steam, 50A Electric
Control 7” Touch Screen
Programs Up to 50
Dimensions W1.32m x D1.54m x H2.17m
Net Weight 1,904kg

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