Near Waterless Laundry Systems

Laundry systems that will revolutionise the local tourism sector use 80% less water and can save up to 22 000 litres per guest room in water consumption annually.



fanute is the exclusive distributor of Hydrofinity near-waterless commercial laundry systems in South Africa.

What is the Hydrofinity advantage?

Proven Results

The Hydrofinity bead-based washing system represents a revolutionary leap forward in laundry washing technology. The patented polymer beads, XOrbs™, combined with Hydrofinity’ proprietary washing machine, provide numerous advantages over traditional, soap and water based laundry systems, including:

Save Water

A Hydrofinity system uses up to 80% less water than a traditional machine. A single 25kg machine running 14 cycles a day, saves up to 2 million litres of water each year – in Cape Town that saves R177,500.

Reduce energy consumption

The system requires lower water temperatures to run, so it can use up to 50% less electricity than a conventional machine (depending on ambient water temperature). With ever-increasing electricity costs, this translates into real cash savings for operators.

Achieve market-leading results

Award-winning Hydrofinity technology is proven to remove tough stains, including make-up, food and blood, often in just one wash. Customers report softer, fluffier towels, whiter linens, and crisper table cloths after switching to the unique system.

Save Money

Whilst lowering water bills, the system also reduces energy, detergent and maintenance costs. Indirect savings include linen replacement & staff costs. Less pre-treating & sorting frees up staff.

Extend linen life

Lower temperatures and less detergent means reduced shrinkage & less wear and tear on your expensive sheets and towels.

A complete laundry solution

The unique package means there is no longer a need for multiple suppliers. Hydrofinity provides you with the XOrbs™, detergent, service and maintenance you need, within the monthly cost.

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