Why Hydrofinity’s washing machine will change your hotel operations forever

How many thousands of rands are you spending on water and electricity to launder your hotel’s linen? And if your linen is laundered off-site, how many of your towels and sheets have been lost, delivered late or poorly cleaned? Find out how the new Hydrofinity rental system can save you plenty of grey hairs.

Bringing your laundry in-house will allow you to control the quality of the clean and the timeliness of the finished linen, with drastically reduced losses as the linen remains on-site. A problem, though, is the high water and energy usage that it demands – after all, with environmental concerns and skyrocketing water and electricity costs, this can be a huge burden on your company.

Usually, a machine that can reduce the amount of scarce resources you use, without compromising on the clean, is prohibitively expensive. However, you can access these benefits without large upfront cost thanks to an innovative new rental system. Introducing, Hydrofinity near-waterless washing system, distributed by fanute.

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Hydrofinity Machines

For decades, commercial laundry operations have been dependent on inefficient laundry technology that wastes money and resources. Now, the first real innovation in laundry technology in over 60 years is here: the Xeros polymer bead cleaning washing machine.

This revolutionary new commercial laundry system dramatically reduces water, energy, and chemical consumption compared to traditional washing machines by replacing water with beads as the active ingredient for removing soils and stains from fabrics providing superior cleaning results.

How Hydrofinity saves you water and energy costs

The Hydrofinity near-waterless laundry system achieves its impressive water saving credentials through replacing 80% of the water that’s conventionally used in a washing machine with polymer beads known as XOrbs. These XOrbs gently massage the textiles and, combined with the supplied detergent solution, provides superior cleaning results by attracting the dirt molecules from the linen. The XOrbs are reusable for hundreds of washes and once they’ve reached the end of their lifespan, can be recycled.

Excellent results with ease

The energy and water savings don’t come at the cost of performance – tough stains are removed easily with award-winning technology, and linen life is extended due to lower temperature and less detergent needed to clean. Less detergent also translates to lower costs, and staff won’t have to spend as much time pre-treating and sorting.

Monitor your usage

Hydrofinity’s innovative, cloud-based laundry monitoring solution, XConnect, makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your laundry operations and your return on investment. The XConnect box links to the Hydrofinity washing system and provides real-time monitoring on any smartphone, tablet and computer.

The Hydrofinity machines are currently only available to rent in the Western Cape and Gauteng.

Rent a machine

We understand, though, that the upfront capital investment required to lock in these impressive utility savings is not always available, so we are now offering our Hydrofinity 20KG low-water washing machines on a rental basis. This allows hotels to lock in immediate operating savings whilst also avoiding the high capex that comes with equipment investment.

Who is fanute?

Fanute is the exclusive distributor of Hydrofinity low-water industrial washer extractors in South Africa. The Hydrofinity washing system reduces your water consumption by up to 80% and electricity by up to 50%, saving you money and scarce resources. Running the 20KG Hydrofinity washer for a standard eight-hour day will save approximately 1.2 million litres per year, whilst electricity savings will be approximately 15,000 KwH per year.

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