Who we are and what we do

Fanute is a South African textile rental company with branches in Cape Town and the Dolphin Coast (Kwazulu-Natal).

Our solutions include:

  • Linen and towel rental for the hospitality industry either for Short-Term Rental (STR) on platforms such as AirBnb or for the established hotel and guesthouse sector
  • Industrial workwear and garment rental for the manufacturing, food processing, mining and construction sectors

Our vision and purpose

We place sustainability at the cornerstone of our vision and purpose.

The textile industry has a major impact on the environment and much of this impact for decades has been negative. Primary cotton production consumes over 20,000 litres of water per kilogram of cotton, this equates to little more than a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Laundries have traditionally consumed significant amounts of water and energy in the washing and finishing processes and their effluent has contained toxic chemicals. More recently the world has realised that washing textiles releases huge amounts of primary micro-plastics pollution into our river systems which finds its way into our oceans. A study in 2016 noted that 190 million tons per year of micro-plastics are released from washing of textiles around the world.

How we make a difference to the planet

Much like everything in life, making a change for good is difficult. Established companies don’t adopt change easily or quickly enough, and this is especially true in old industries such as laundry.

In 2017 as the Western Cape was experiencing a huge drought, we searched for laundry equipment suppliers that placed sustainability at the centre of their focus; there was only one. After a long and global search we entered into an exclusive agreement with UK based Hydrofinity and their parent company Xeros technologies, a sustainable laundry and apparel technology company.

This relationship gives us access to leading textile care technologies which mitigate the impact that we have on the environment. Their polymer XOrb™ technology reduces water consumption during the wash process by 80%, energy consumption by over 90% and extends textile life thereby reducing obsolescence rates. Their XFiltra™ micro-fibre filter, which we will rollout in 2021, captures up to 99% of micro-fibres released during the washing process, the highest capture rate of any such product in the world.

We have since added other technologies to this product suite such as imported diathermic oil-filled ironers which reduce energy consumption by 50%, and RFID textile management solutions which reduce shrinkage and loss and improve wear & tear rates.

We support the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and have mapped our service to five of these SDGs

How we make a difference to our clients

We simplify your life, taking away the hassle of managing both a laundry but also your textile requirements, be they linen, towels or staff workwear.

While textiles and laundry are necessary for running your business, they are not the product you sell. For us this is our entire business, which means we focus on quality, efficiency, technological innovation, garment wear and tear, garment shrinkage, lowering consumption of water, power and chemicals and more than anything – our journey to sustainability, which advances your own journey to sustainability.


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