What pain points do we solve?

Our workwear rental solution addresses four important criteria for our clients:

  • Guaranteed to reduce your utility costs
  • Reduces your operational headache
  • Requires no capital commitment
  • Advances your sustainability journey

How much is this worth to you?

Although water and electricity tariffs vary considerably throughout South Africa, we estimate our On-Premise Laundry solution will reduce utility costs by R800,000 per year for a factory employing 2,000 staff.

Add to this the savings we can bring through extended garment life, reduced wear & tear and lower chemical consumption and our workwear rental solution really stacks up financially.

Our Solution

End to End Solution – full textile rental

Think of it as the difference between buying a car and ordering an Uber. When buying a car there are many aspects to be researched and evaluated up-front, followed by a lot of on-going management and operational issues. You own the asset so you will always “own” the problem.

When ordering an Uber you simply need to choose between UberX and Uber Black. Everything else is someone else’s problem.

An On-Premise Laundry is the same – evaluating machinery, designing and procuring garments, PAR levels, selecting and purchasing chemicals, recruiting staff, training and managing staff, maintaining machinery, managing downtime, worrying about laundry throughout, efficiency and stain treatment which impacts garment availability – You own the garment so you will always “own” the problem.

Our On-Premise Laundry solution completely simplifies your garment management requirements by taking over provision of your garments. This is especially valuable because owning and laundering workwear or linen is not your core business. Our bespoke solution incorporates all of the equipment, laundry staff and the textiles themselves into a single, variable monthly rental fee. There is no capital investment required – clients can immediately reduce the operational admin of managing their own textiles and laundry, whilst benefiting from lower utility consumption and professional service quality.

We own the garment, so we take responsibility for every aspect of what it means to ensure there is a garment for each of your staff at the start of their shift.

Need more flexibility?

While our end-to-end workwear rental solution saves you the most time and money we understand some clients want to walk a slower journey with us, so we can be flexible in the timing and scale of our deployment. Give us a call and we will find the right solution for you.

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