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Hotel quality linen, delivered hassle-free, directly to your property.

You focus on increasing the occupancy of your short-term lettings property and ensuring your guests have the best stay possible, and we’ll focus on providing you with clean, crisp linen and towels.

We own all our linen, so we know where its been, and we only use high threadcount cotton percale linen, so you can rely on its quality, and we can deliver within 24 hours of receiving your order.

And we practice what we preach so all of our linen is cleaned with our own Hydrofinity near-waterless washers. This means that every cleaned item has used 80% less water, 80% less energy and over 50% less chemicals than almost any other traditional laundry.

We continually expand our range of services so as to provide you with a comprehensive all-in-one offering.

  • We have partnered with Clean my Bed™ to offer their medical grade dry mattress sanitising service which is highly effective at removing pet dander, dust mites and their associates faeces and carcasses from inside your mattresses. Our partnership offers bulk discounts on their standard pricing as well as a seamless integration with your housekeeping teams.
  • Our range of amenities included bathroom soaps, shower gels and shampoos. These are available in large bottle or single use options and are packaged with your linen.
  • For our hotel and restaurant clients we now offer tablecloth and napkin linen rentals. Available in a range of sizes our poly cotton twill tablecloth and napkin linen is perfectly suited for high volume turnovers. It carries a spill resistant coating which is embedded in the fabric and is not visible to the eye.


What You Get

fanute will deliver a fresh set of hotel quality rental linen within 24 hours of booking.

Linen set comprises 1 duvet cover, 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases and 2 bath towels (linen is minimum 200 threadcount Poly percale, and towels are 100% cotton, 550GSM).

Bath Add-On: Hand towel and bath mat

Towel Add-On: Two additional towels

Pillow Case Add-On: Two additional pillow cases

Unit Sizes Available

  • Duvet covers: Super-king (260cm x 230cm) , King (230cm x 220cm), Queen (230cm x 200cm), Double (200cm x 200cm), Three-quarter (150cm x 200cm), Single (130cm x 200cm)
  • Fitted Sheets: Super-king (214cm x 200cm) , King (183cm x 200cm), Queen (152cm x 200cm), Double (138cm x 200cm), Three-quarter (107cm x 200cm), Single (91cm x 200cm)
  • Pillow Cases: Standard (45cm x 70cm), King (50cm x 90cm)
  • Towels: Bath towels (70cm x 130cm), Hand towels (50cm x 90cm), Bath mats (50cm x 75cm)
Pricing Table

*All prices Excludes VAT


  1. Our Customer Tiers ensure our services and pricing reflect the sizing and level of growth of our customer base. Customer Tiers are based on the sum of Active Properties in a month. Active Properties are defined as properties offered for rental throughout the month which have had at least one booking in that month.
  2. Standard Pricing
    • Our standard Bed-Set comprises 1 x Duvet Cover, 1 x Fitted Sheet, 2 x pillowcases, 2 x bath towels. (all sizes are available and priced the same)
    • The rental period starts from the first night of the guest’s stay
    • You can cancel linen rental bookings at any time prior to delivery, but if the linen has already been delivered, the standard rental charges will still apply
    • In peak season (September to April inclusive), we will deliver fresh linen on check-out so that your apartments are always guest-ready. In this instance there is no additional charge for the open period between bookings.
    • In off-peak periods (May to August inclusive) we reserve the right not to deliver fresh linen on check-out if the next booking is 3 nights or more away. If you would still like us to do so we will charge for the rental as if it has started on the date of linen delivery (but the maximum 7 night rental period would only start from guest check-in)
  3. Midstay changes
    • Midstay linen changes are required when a guest books an 8 night or more stay. In this case the host must arrange a midstay linen change on a date (or dates for bookings of 14 nights or more) of their choosing within the rental period.
    • Every 7 bed nights require a midstay linen change.
  4. Linen replacement charges
    • We operate an industrial laundry using state of the art washer-extractors and industrial strength chemicals to clean our linen
    • Whilst we’re able to get most stains out, some stains are nearly impossible to remove and result in the linen being discarded. In this case we will charge you for the damaged items.
    • When we unpack dirty linen bags, we will notify you immediately if the returned linen is damaged or stained and we will send you pictures. We then tag the linen and send it through the wash/stain removal process; we will let you know if we can’t remove the stain.
    • Damages which we will charge you for if we cannot remove them:
      • Missing, torn or burnt linen
      • Linen with stains such as hair-dye, colour-dye, henna/permanent tattoo ink, shoe polish etc

Linen Replacement Charges

Charge VAT Total
Duvet Cover D, Q, K, SK R833,00 R124,95 R957,95
Duvet Cover S, T-Q R623,00 R93,45 R716,45
Fitted Sheet D, Q, K, SK R511,00 R76,65 R587,65
Fitted Sheet S, T-Q R392,00 R58,80 R450,80
Pillow Case Standard R81,00 R12,08 R92,58
Pillow Case King R88,00 R13,13 R100,63
Bath Towel R175,00 R26,25 R201,25
Bath Mat R84,00 R12,60 R96,60
Hand Towel R84,00 R12,60 R96,60

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