Laundry disinfection controls

  1. All staff wash hands and apply sanitiser (alcohol based sanitiser spray San-Spray) every time they enter the laundry
  2. Staff are temperature checked each morning when they arrive for work and the history of body temperature is logged to indicate base temperature. Staff with fluctuating temperatures are sent home
  3. Drivers are supplied with hand sanitiser (San-Spray), gloves and plastic bags. No drivers can accept soiled linen that isn’t bagged and closed.
  4. Laundry is sprayed and surfaces are wiped down with a concentrated detergent disinfectant (Surfi-San) 3 times per day
  5. All clean linen bags are sprayed with disinfectant (Surfi-San) on leaving the laundry
  6. Vehicles are sprayed with disinfectant (Surfi-San) at the end of each shift
  7. Laundry bags are cleaned and sprayed (Surfi-San) each day
  8. Non-essential staff work from home

Linen hygiene control – disinfection

  1. Our laundry machines automatically dose appropriate levels of industrial peracetic-acid based disinfectant which contain a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid. Chemcial suppliers and products are:
    • Amazichem: AMC- Peracetic Acid
    • Orlichem: Peroxysan
  2. Every wash will be disinfected in accordance with instructions from both the machine manufacturer and chemical supplier.

Chemical Data Sheets

Testing Certificates

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