Whether you’re an employer, a school or a film/commercials production house, you’ll be gearing up for a return to business under the lowered Lockdown levels.

The government has mandated that employers provide each employee with 2 face masks. But that’s where their stipulations stop, and where the problem actually starts.

  • Buying masks may seem simple as there are many sellers out there, but this results in a random selection of masks that don’t fit properly, leave gaps around the nose and sides or irritate the ears
  • And how do you ensure they are washed within the prescribed levels of temperature and chemistry to ensure disinfection?
  • And washed each and every day, day after day for the next 6,12…18 months?

Our face mask rental programme takes away all of the hassle and the risk of ineffective after-care:

  • We both buy and manufacture reusable cloth masks using government and WHO recommended technical designs.
  • Our owned and operated industrial laundries use industry standard technologies and chemicals to kill 99.99% of germs, including COVID-19
  • We have adopted WHO recommended hygiene protocols throughout our business including contactless delivery and collection each day.

Let us supply your face mask needs, from as little as R4.30 ex VAT per day, while you manage your business’ return to a post-COVID-19 world, whatever that may mean for you.

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