We know that when it comes to new technology that can disrupt an old and established market, we need to prove that our products work. We also need to address the various bits of erroneous information that naturally find their way into the media, and to our customers. Whilst we would never claim these pieces of misinformation to be “fake news” intentionally created to confuse the market, we want to address them.

So here it is

  1. Hydrofinity machines are able to produce wash results that are as good as traditional machine wash programmes, whilst still achieving the utility savings.
  2. Hydrofinity machines are able to achieve the water and chemicals savings that we say they can.
  3. Hydrofinity machines are able to achieve the same level of disinfection for hospitality linen but at lower temperatures.
  4. Hydrofinity machines and the “Polymer XOrbs” do not damage linen, in fact they have been shown to improve the lifespan of linen.
  5. Hydrofinity machines are effective at being able to “reclaim” linen that would otherwise need to be discarded.
  6. “Silver-nano” beads, “glass” beads and any other type of bead that is anything other than the “Polymer XOrb” are not part of the Hydrofinity system.

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