fanute – Xeros near-waterless laundry systems

fanute is proud to announce our exclusive distribution of Xeros near-waterless commercial laundry systems in South Africa.


What is the Xeros advantage?

Proven Results

The benefits of using the Xeros system over traditional commercial laundry machines have been proven time and again by our customers. For example, Sterling Lines Services, a major provider of laundry services in the eastern US, have found that they can now wash fabrics that were simply too fragile for traditional soap-and-water machines.

CWS-boco has been the industry’s innovation driver and trailblazer for over 100 years. They have been using the Xeros system in their facilities in Europe and found many benefits. COO, Peter Taylor states; “Early test results have not only shown excellent cleaning but also much less variability in the final quality of each processed batch when we measure this versus conventional results. Tough on our most challenging workwear stains yet we are measuring less wear on our garments.

Capital Athletic Club, a fitness facility in drought-stricken Sacramento, California, reduced the water consumption of their laundry operations by using the Xeros machine in place of traditional laundry machines, helping them to stay in line with a company goal to reduce their overall water use by 20 percent or more.

The Xeros bead-based washing system represents a revolutionary leap forward in laundry washing technology. The patented polymer beads, combined with Xeros’ proprietary washing machine, provide numerous advantages over traditional, soap and water based laundry systems, including:

Save Water

A traditional laundry machine relies on water to act as the primary cleaning medium. Because of this, even the so-called “high-efficiency” models still consume bathfuls of water with every wash cycle. A Xeros machine replaces water with millions of reusable polymer beads, typically reducing water use by up to 75 percent when compared to a traditional laundry machine.



The efficiency of the Xeros machine makes it the ideal tool for ecologically-minded companies. By minimizing water consumption and the need for chemical detergents, the Xeros machine is an environment-friendly solution for your fabric washing needs. Plus, the Xeros cleaning beads are re-usable hundreds of times and fully recyclable, allowing them to be remade into products such as car fascias.


Garment Life

Traditional washing machines rely on high temperatures and large amounts of harsh chemicals to get fabrics clean. Xeros bead cleaning achieves a cleaner result with lower temperatures and less detergent, which means less wear and tear on your expensive sheets, towels, and the clothes you value. Also, the beads themselves are gentler on fabrics than the ‘drop and slop’ tumbling action of a traditional washer. It’s almost like having millions of tiny hands gently kneading the fabric.


Save Money

By reducing the amount of water, energy and detergents used in each laundry load, Xeros bead cleaning saves you money on every load you wash. Not only do your water and energy use costs go down, but the fabrics that you clean will last for longer, saving you money on the cost of replacement.


Superior Cleaning

The award-winning Xeros polymer bead technology reduces the need to pre-treat stains, particularly greasy collars and cuffs. Xeros gets linen cleaner with a single wash, reducing the need to rewash clothes over and over again to keep them looking clean (and, in the process, causing increased wear).


Absorbs Stray Colors

Xeros beads readily absorb stray dyes in the wash. This greatly reduces the risk of dye transfer when washing mixed colors. Lowered risk of color bleed means less time spent trying to separate different-colored garments before loading the wash, improving the efficiency of your washing process and saving you time.

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