Sustainability: How do you get your customers on board?

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Many consumers are already very eco-conscious, choosing hotels with a low carbon footprint. They’ll research before booking, so make sure that your eco-credentials are easy to find on your website. In and around your hotel, there are numerous opportunities to showcase all the ways in which you’re sustainable, as well as inspire your guests to live a more sustainable life.

  • After your guest has booked, this is an opportunity to send information on your sustainability initiatives via email, together with the booking confirmation.
  • Place information on your hotel’s sustainability practices in each room’s information folder. You can also place table talkers by or labels on certain items, explaining their sustainable journey.
  • When you communicate stats and figures, remember that your guests are probably not experts, so think of a practical way to showcase your water and energy savings, or how much air pollution has been reduced through sourcing products locally.
  • Prompt guests to be energy and water conscious in their rooms with notices by the light switch and in the bathroom.
  • Keep your staff informed of your hotel’s sustainability initiatives so that they can communicate these to guests.
  • Use notice boards in public areas to showcase your initiatives.
  • If you’re sourcing fairtrade coffee or tea, or using organic ingredients, for example, you can tell your guests about this in your restaurant via the menu, table talkers, or signage close to the relevant item on the buffet.
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