4 Hotels Save Water With Sustainable Laundry Operations

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Within the hotel industry, there exists a tendency to cling to the systems that you know work. Implementing change can potentially disrupt the flow of the entire operation.

But what if we told you that your hotel can be more environmentally friendly, save water, and save money by making one simple change? You would want proof, right? Well, that’s exactly what we have.

The Hilton LA/Universal City Hotel

The Hilton LA/Universal City has taken significant strides toward sustainability by implementing Hydrofinity low-water washing machines. They succeeded in cutting down on total water consumption by 81 percent and hot water consumption by 100 percent—yes, 100 percent, you read that right!

The Hilton LA/Universal City now saves more than two million gallons of water annually. And it gets better. Not only are they going easy on planet Earth, but the business itself benefits from this new system as well, saving $66,430 per year in laundering costs.

An added bonus? The gentle yet effective technology increases the garment’s lifespan, keeping it looking and feeling new after the wash cycle.

The Stanford Park Hotel in Silicon Valley

It’s no secret that California is struggling right now. After drought conditions that dragged on for years, residents and local businesses alike are looking for ways to reduce water consumption in the long term. “The effects of the record drought in California have been devastating. By installing the Hydrofinity system we have been able to dramatically reduce our water consumption while gaining a superior cleaning process for our linens,” said Chris Busbin, Director of Engineering at Stanford Park Hotel.

In an effort to make sustainable laundering a commonplace method, the Stanford Park Hotel, with the help of Hydrofinity technology, will now save 978,000 gallons of water annually with an 81 percent reduction in total water consumption and a 99 percent reduction in hot water consumption.

The Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia

The Hyatt Regency Reston was seeking an innovative and efficient new system to replace their old machines. By working with Hydrofinity, they now save a total of $41,346 in costs that include water, energy, detergent, and maintenance. The hotel now saves 1.4 million gallons of water per year and won a Virginia Green Award for water savings.

The Midtown Hotel in Boston

The Midtown Hotel, located in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, has a strong focus on staying environmentally friendly. Now qualified for the National Grid’s Energy Conservation Incentive program, the Midtown Hotel was able to reduce water consumption by 79 percent and save 400,804 gallons annually with only one Xeros machine in use. Not to mention, the hotel saved $17,259 in doing so.

Sourced from Hydrofinity

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