Luxury Without Waste: How to Achieve Hotel Laundry Sustainability

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“Luxury” is a word that seems fundamentally at odds with the environmental movement. For many, “luxury” means excess. It means opulence. It means…waste.

Yet both luxury and sustainability are key selling points for hotels in today’s market. Guests want to make environmentally responsible lodging decisions, but still expect cleanliness, comfort and that certain feeling of indulgence that only comes from staying at a place where everything’s taken care of for you.

Laundry and Hotel Luxury

Linens and towels are a huge piece of creating that luxury feeling for your guests, whether you’re running a high-end boutique hotel or an affordable business travel property. In an online survey, respondents were almost unanimous when asked if towel quality is important to their overall satisfaction with a hotel stay. A whopping 94% said it is, and 73% said towel quality impacts their decision to return to a hotel.

In the same survey, one third of respondents said they would write a negative review of a hotel online if they were not satisfied with the towels.

Reviews are incredibly important to your hotel’s reputation. In another recent survey, 90% of those polled said that ratings on a review site played an essential role in their booking decision. The cleanliness of a hotel room is almost always featured in online reviews, and linens are typically among a guest’s first concerns in that area.

Hotel Laundry Sustainability

In addition to being incredibly important to your guests’ overall experience and satisfaction, traditional hotel laundry operations are one of the most wasteful divisions within a property—particularly when it comes to water and energy use. And so hotel laundry is often a core issue in the struggle between sustainability and luxury.
But it doesn’t have to be.

With Hydrofinity near-waterless laundry systems, your hotel can reduce water usage in your laundry operations by up to 80%, and energy usage by up to 50%, while still achieving a superior level of clean on your towels and linens. The Hydrofinity system is also gentle on fabrics, helping you maintain the luxurious feeling of your linens longer and avoid high replacement costs.

Sourced from Hydrofinity.

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