3 Ways Commercial Laundry Service is Changing for the Better

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Commercial laundry service is changing, and it’s changing for the better. From new technology implementation to modernized business strategies and increased focus on the environment, commercial launderers are finding ways to advance their own businesses, and in turn, the industry as a whole.

Comprehensive Energy and Water Solutions

While attention to utility usage within the commercial laundry industry isn’t exactly new, there is an increased interest in finding comprehensive solutions to power and water use in order to minimize launderers’ impact on the environment and—realistically—to cope with the very real possibility of shortages.

In the U.S., the California drought has been a cautionary tale for commercial launderers and others in the hospitality field. Mandatory water reductions have put real stress on local businesses over the last few years. Savvy business owners adapted to the situation by implementing long-term water-saving technologies, and in doing so set an example for the rest of the industry.

The reality is that doing the bare minimum to save water and energy isn’t enough anymore, and commercial laundry services are now seeking strategic, long-term solutions—and that’s a very good change.

Increased Focus on the Customer Experience

How do commercial laundry services stay competitive in today’s market? By focusing on the details and offering a superior customer experience, from start to finish. Today’s consumers have an incredible field of options when it comes to purchasing laundry services, and the industry has noticed.

Whether through increased options, business updates centered around convenience—pick up, delivery, extended hours, etc.—or use of a gentler wash and fewer harsh chemicals to improve the quality of their wash, more and more commercial launderers are distinguishing themselves by working to provide that extra level of service to customers. That’s the kind of competition that drives the entire industry to improve.

Better Business Intelligence

One of the greatest things about recent updates in laundry technology is that nearly everything can be measured. Quantifying water and energy usage in laundry used to be nearly impossible, but now we have washing machines with software that can measure water use (both hot and cold) as well as electricity and chemical data for your entire laundry operation.

With that kind of business intelligence, it’s much easier to calculate expenses, find potential savings, and build a better laundry operation.

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