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We’ve all spent our fair share of 2020 surrounded by the same four walls, and with many of us working from home together with our family, it’s become more important than ever to create a calm, restful space to retreat to at the end of the day.

Here are LuxeLinen, a division of fanute’s, top tips for preparing your bedroom, and yourself, for a good night’s sleep.

Clear the way: Anything that’s not sleep related must go! Clear away the decorative pillows and any clothes that have gathered on your bed during the day and smooth the surface of your duvet. Fluff up your pillows and turn down the corner of the duvet for easy entry.

Decompress: Start winding down from the day to get yourself in the right headspace for good, solid sleep. Maybe take a bath or shower, play some relaxing music softly in the background, and, afterwards, slip into your slippers. Or do some light yoga, deep breathing or stretching. Whatever you need to do to start relaxing.

Get rid of the light: Darkness is essential for a proper night’s sleep as too much light will stop the body from producing melatonin, the hormone that’s in charge of our sleep cycles. Prepare your room by switching off the harsh main lights, and closing your curtains, blinds or shutters to block out any light seeping in from outside. You can turn on your bedside light or, to really set the mood, light a candle or two.

Scent the room: If you have an oil burner or diffuser, now’s the time to break it out. Choose a calming scent such as lavender (helps to deepen and slow down the breath), bergamot (helps to relieve anxiety) or frankincense (quiets the mind).

Banish the tech: Ideally, one should stop using any devices an hour before sleeping – the light from the screens of our cellphones, TVs and laptops can stimulate the brain and disrupt melatonin production, which in turn affects our sleep.

Hydrate: Prepare a cup of tea that’s caffeine free or a cool glass of water to enjoy after you slip into bed. Drinks that are known for their positive effect on sleep include chamomile tea, milk or almond milk and, oddly, cherry juice!

Then there’s nothing left to do but get into bed and enjoy the peaceful sanctuary that you’ve created!

Naturally, LuxeLinen also believes that the best way to have the best sleep is to ensure that you have the best quality linen on your bed! In keeping with 4 and 5* hotel standards, LuxeLinen’s sheets and duvets are 300 threadcount and 100% cotton for the ultimate in softness and comfort.

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