Finding the perfect face mask

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Now that we all have to wear a mask in public places to slow the spread of Covid-19, the market is flooded with masks. From fabric masks to disposable masks, there’s a huge variety out there – so how do you know which mask is going to be the best?

While buying masks may seem simple, different styles and poorly made masks can result in a mask that doesn’t fit properly, leaves gaps around the nose and sides, and can irritate the ears.

Ideally, you’re looking for a cloth face mask that fits snugly against the side of the face, but is still comfortable. The mask must be secured with either ties or ear loops, and should also allow for breathing without restriction. You must be able to launder and dry the mask without damaging it.

The mask should ideally have 3 layers – two fabric layers sandwiching a filter in the centre. Make sure that the mask is large enough to cover your nose as well as your mouth, and if it has loops rather than ties, it’s important to check that they’re tight enough to keep your mask from slipping off your nose. You can also find masks that have a metal piece on the bridge of the nose that fastens the mask onto your face, and makes wearing glasses a lot easier!

If you’d rather avoid the hassle of finding the perfect masks for your workforce, let fanute help you. With our face-mask rental programme, we both buy and manufacture reusable cloth masks using government and WHO recommended technical designs. Our owned and operated industrial laundries use industry standard technologies and chemicals to kill 99.99% of germs, including Covid-19.

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