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So how do you make a 5* bed? We’re taking tips from the hotels to show you how to create a haven of peace and tranquillity – because after all, your guests are going to be spending the bulk of their time in your guesthouse, in bed.

Colour Co-ordinating: Make sure that you’re using crisp, white linen with a high quality threadcount (take a look at fanute’s linen offering here). White is the traditional choice for hotel linen because it represents the utmost cleanliness. And on that note, make sure that all of your linens are 100% clean.

Bases: If you haven’t already, remove the old linen and give the mattress and mattress protector a good dust off and vacuum to make sure there’s no debris or dust. Place the fitted bottom sheet over the mattress protector and make sure it’s all tucked in on the corners.

Next Step: Lay down the flat sheet and smooth out so that there aren’t any wrinkles. Next up, place the duvet on top of the flat sheet, again smoothing it down so that there aren’t any wrinkles. Fold the exposed flat sheet back over on top of the duvet, about a ¼ of the way.

Corner: Now, tuck in all of the corners nice and tightly, so that when your guests get into the bed they’ll be nice and snug, with no gaps letting in air. Lift up the mattress to tuck in the corners at a 45° angle.

Pillows: Lastly, add your pillows, making sure they’re nice and fluffed up. Top with whatever accent pillows you have on the bed, giving them a prod to add some differentiation.

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