The importance of great quality linen and towels for guests

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There are many factors that go into creating the perfect stay for a guest, but one of the most noticeable elements – and the easiest to control – is the quality of linen. In fact, studies have shown that while linen and towels are not the highest priority of guests, the quality and sustainability of linen is something that guests have a definite opinion on.

TRSA, the Textile Rental Services Association which is based in the United States, conducted a consumer survey amongst 700 respondents. Their findings showed that while 77% believed that price, location and amenities were more important than linen and sheets used in the room, 72% expected the quality of sheets to match the grading and type of property.

Berendsen UK conducted similar research, surveying 1000 hotel guests. Of the people interviewed, 99% said that good quality towels and linen was important and that 71% always checked the cleanliness and quality of the items. Importantly, 96% said that they would be less likely to return if the towels and linen were stained or of a poor quality, and 95% said that they would tell others about their bad experience.

While a lot of properties outsource the laundering of their linen, guests will hold the property directly responsible for inferior linen and towels. That’s why it makes sense to rent high quality linen such as that from fanute – the linen rental service’s crisp, clean linen and towels are 300 thread count and made of pure cotton.

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