Why laundry in winter is a logistical feat

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We’re biased, but getting laundry done in winter – especially with the wet winter we’ve had in Cape Town – sucks. We’ve put together a top 5 list of reasons it’s the worst and something of a logistical feat:

Not enough hours in the day: Less hours of sunlight mean it’s much harder to fit in a load of laundry before or after work. It also means that there’s less time during the day to get it dry, not that it’s that easy anyway because it’s…

Almost impossible to dry naturally: The rain has been extremely welcome, but long periods of rain and cloud make it tricky to get your sheets 100% dry outside. Many end up hanging up their linen inside, or keeping their clothes in the washing machine until the weather brightens up, which can lead to…

That smell of damp: Clothes and linen smell damp and musty because there’s excess moisture in the material that hasn’t been able to evaporate. When you bring damp clothes inside to dry, they’re often not able to get completely dry unless properly spaced on a railing and left until completely dry. Packing items away into a closet or draw makes it impossible for the clothes to dry, which means that the smell of damp lingers. Also, if you’re tempted to dry your clothes on a heater, beware – that can raise the moisture levels in your home and encourage mould, or it could even start a fire.

Electricity Costs: Those lucky enough to have a tumble dryer might think that they’ve skipped the hassle of trying to get linen dry, but with the convenience comes the increased electricity bill- especially as electricity costs continue to increase. And what if, heaven forbied, loadshedding starts again?

Then there’s the ironing: While the tumble dryer might get your laundry nice and dry, it’ll also keep your ironing pile large and cumbersome.

Of course, if you want to get some laundry off your plate, you could always rent linen from us. fanute will deliver freshly-laundered linen, towels and masks weekly which means one less thing you have to worry about. The linen is of a fantastic quality and has been cleaned using our near-waterless Hydrofinity system, which means that we use much less water than a regular washing machine – so by renting our linen, you’re doing your bit for the environment.

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